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The end of days wasn’t everything the prophets had said it would be. It was bad, people died, but everyone got back up, and kept on going. Half of The Rheanor’s land was conquered, and The City actually made good on its threats to split from the rest of the Kingdom, but otherwise things carried on like they always had.

178 years ago, the crags in the north started widening, things started crawling out of them, from whatever dark lands they lead to. History remembers these creatures as Fiends. Many of those from the City have never seen one in person, but the statues are supposed to be very lifelike. Historians from the era tell us that the Kingdom kept them in the north for 10 years. King Rheanor VII built huge walls to keep them in, which are now used to defend the Fiendholds from attempts to retake the land. The Darkwar carried on for 30 years, before King Rheanor IX and King Achemides from Lacodaemia finally pushed them back to the Northwalls. Many legendary heroes were forged and brought low in those final battles. I elaborate on such distinguished men in my editions of Heroes of the Darkwar.

153 years ago, Nevaria became the Free City. There had been unrest due to King Rheanor the VIII refusing to make it the capital city. Restrictive taxes had been in place for decades to keep the populace in line, but current opinion the history community is that rebellion was inevitable. Maybe, had the Fiends not arrived, the City would still be under the rule of a King. Other factions have remained or have formed since the Darkwar as well, though these can be read about in my editions of Nevaria and the Lesser Nations.

Since then, 7 major wars have been fought:

Three against the Fiendholds

One between Lacodaemia and Rheanor

And one between Rheanor and the City

The scattered slave uprising occurs here and there, but none so great to be worth mentioning. The time since the Darkwar has been anxious, but prosperous.


I will continue to elaborate upon these events in this edition, and in later editions thereafter.


Senator Apollodorus The Younger, 113-162

-Excerpt from the Grand Histories

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