Other Factions

These groups are either very small, or are too splintered to be called a single major faction.

The Orcish Bands: Disorganized warbands of various sizes in the woods to the south of Nevaria. They usually fight amongst themselves but sometimes make their way into civilized lands to raid. A common fear in the Empire and Tyr is the unification of these warbands, which could spell disaster for the civilized world.

The Klesh Confederacy: Fairly civilized for a band of lesser races, though relatively small and often bogged down in power struggles. The Confederacy is a loosely tied together group of small hobgoblin tribes and states. Hobgoblins use a large amount of slaves, even more so than the Free City, particularly lesser goblins. Some states trade often with The City or other factions.

The Black Parade: A travelling circus and warband that excels in a wide variety of entertainment and death-dealing.

The Cockhead Cavaliers: A small but disproportionately rowdy band of mercenaries.

Steel Company: A mercenary band renowned for it's cruelty and hostility.

Other Factions

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