Other Factions

These groups are either made up of many different, small groups, or are too splintered to be called a single faction.

The Strixian Tribes: Winged, savage, and seething with hatred for the civilized nations, particularly humans. These dwindling tribes fight viciously to protect what land hasn't been taken already. Slaves taken from these tribes often have their wings clipped to prevent them from flying away.

The Orcish Nations: Small, organized nations in the woods to the south of Nevaria. They usually fight amongst themselves but sometimes make their way into civilized lands to raid. A common fear is the unification of these nations, which could spell disaster for the civilized world.

The Hobgoblin Confederacy: Fairly civilized for a lesser faction, though relatively small and often bogged down in power struggles. Hobgoblins use a large amount of slaves, even more so than the Free City, particularly lesser goblins. Some states trade often with The City or other factions.


Other Factions

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